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BART Biodetectors


Field or Lab Version?

If you are in the field doing testing or you are going to take the BART testers and do the testing in an office or hotel room then the Field Version BART testers may be better because....

 Field Version Advantages:
(1) it has two complete sets of tubes that protects the tester (the inner vial) making it able to take a rougher environment
(2) if any smells are produced by the tester then the outer vial prevents the odors getting out and causing "problems"
(3) are very stable and can easily be lined up on a shelf or table top and are not likely to fall over. You will notice that the labels do restrict the view of the inner vial but this has been positioned not to interfere with the observation of the reactions.

Laboratory Version Advantages:
(1) are more economical to use
(2) have good visibility for detecting he reactions
(3) can allow more testing to be done within a given area (important in many laboratories)

Disadvantages for the Laboratory Version:
(1) they can generate smells
(2) they can easily fall over (some people using Laboratory testers actually put them in seedling trays that keep them upright)
(3) there is a higher potential for spillage. It is a good idea to keep a bactericidal aerosol handy to spray down affected surfaces. Wearing disposable latex gloves is also recommended when handling Laboratory BART testers.

It should be noted that the smells emanating from the testers can be turned into a diagnostic tool. When clients do not believe that the BART testers have detected some of the problem microbes then loosening the outer cap on the Field tester and asking them to smell the odor usually validates the effectiveness of the BART tester!