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Glass Wool, Lab Grade (Untreated), 1 LB (454G)

Glass Wool, Lab Grade (Untreated)
Price: $153.11
Item Number: LS-2001442
Manufacturer: Mid Sci
Manufacturer Part No: 3950

Glass Wool, Lab Grade (Non-treated)

Glass wool has a variety of uses in the lab.  Our non-treated glass wool can be used as a filtration aid, GC column packing, with GC inlet liners and many more applications. This fiber glass is made from fine glass fibers with diameters controlled to approximately 0.008mm. This makes the glass pliable and easy to use. Manufactured from No. 9989 glass, this fiber glass contains minimal heavy metals and is suitable for use as a filtering medium. It is supplied in the form of roving (rope) approximately 2 inches in diameter by 22 ft. long and packaged in 454 g (1 lb.) bags. 


Sold as: 1 LB (454 g) Bags

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