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Glass Wool, Silanized (DMCS Treated, Deactivated)

Silanized Glass Wool
Price: From $69.99 to $484.37
Manufacturer: OV

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Glass Wool, Silanized (DMCS Treated, Deactivated)

Our glass wool is treated with dimethyldichlorosilane (DMCS) solution to render the wool inert (deactivated) for use in gas chromatography since DMCS wont decompose sensitive compounds. We use only the highest grade 8 microm borosilicate glass.

Packaged in either 50 gram bottlle or 454 gram (1 lb.) zip style bag and boxed.

Max Service Limint: 500°C
Softening Point: 686°C
CAS Number:65997-17-3

Description Catalog # Price
Glass Wool, Silanized (Deactivated), 50G      
LS-1770002 $69.99
Glass Wool, Silanized (Deactivated), 454G    
LS-1770003 $484.37


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