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HOT NOT Extra-High Temperature Glove

HOT NOT ESP200HOT NOT Extra-High Temperature Glove
Price: $49.99
Item Number: LS-2001401
Manufacturer: Elliott

HOT NOT™ Heat Resistant Glove

Our heat resistant gloves have 2-Layers of Dupont's Nomex IIIa™. Nomex IIIa is more expensive and has better heat resistant properties than Kevlar, so don't be fooled by the cheaper Kevlar gloves. Our gloves protect against accidental contact up to 2,000°F, intermittent contact up to 700°F and constant contact up to 500°F.  Seamless from fingertip to wrist these ambidextrous gloves are comfortable, breathable, antistatic and machine washable.

Sold as: 1 Pair

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