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POLYTOX Rapid Toxicity Test, PK/20

POLYTOX® Rapid Toxicity Test, PK/20
Price: $169.99
Item Number: LS-2001049
Manufacturer: InterLab

POLYTOX® Rapid Toxicity Test, PK/20

PolyTox® provides a simple, rapid test (30 minutes or less) for measuring the toxicity of wastewater to biological wastewater treatment systems. PolyTox® contains specialized microbial cultures and can determine the toxicity of wastewaters and chemicals in biological treatment systems in 30 minutes, with no expensive instrumentation required.


PolyTox® is designed to provide a rapid screening method whereby wastewaters and chemicals, which may adversely affect the biomass of a wastewater treatment facility, can be determined and non-inhibitory concentrations for wastewaters and chemicals prescribed. This test kit is most applicable to wastewaters and chemicals that are likely to remain in solution.


EPA recommended


No expensive instrumentation required




Free of nitrifying organisms


Results in less than 30 minutes


20 Vials per Pack


3 month shelf life

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