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Powder Pack Reagents

Our Powder Pack Reagents are pre-measured, unit dose reagents that have been specifically formulated for use in Lovibond and other manufacturers colorimeters, spectrophotometers and test kits....including HACH® products*.

Powder Pack™ Reagents are easy to use — Simply tear open the Powder Pack and pour the reagent into the sample.We think you will find our Powder Packs to be:
  • Easy to Handle – They’re 37% larger than the competition’s design which makes them easier to handle.
  • Easy to Open – Our Powder Packs have a defined “Easy Open” notch that makes it simple to tear open the package.
  • Easy to dispense and Pour – They easily create a “V” to allow the user to pour the reagent into the sample. They also have a beveled edge to make sure no reagent gets stuck in the corners!

The fast and easy use of Powder Packs has made them extremely popular for water testing applications in many countries throughout the world.The Lovibond Powder Pack program provides more experienced users with a real alternative to existing measurement systems. 

*HACH® is a registered trademark of Hach Company, Loveland, Colorado. The use of the HACH trademark does not imply any affiliation with or approval by Hach Company regarding the formulation, testing or suitability of these products for use in HACH brand spectrophotometers or other systems.

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