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Quick Release Pipette Pumps

These rubber safety bulbs have a white ABS plastic attachment containing a silicone conical adapter that seals around the pipet without twisting.  The pipet does not contact the hard plastic, which reduces the risk of cracking and chipping.  Fits all stan
Price: From $14.58 to $17.13
Manufacturer: USS

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 Quick Release Pipet Pumps in 3 Capacities

Designed for easy and precise pipetting.  Pumps feature a lever for quick release and forward or backward wheel movement.  The soft elastic chuck has a threaded collar to tightly grip glass or plastic pipettes.  Easy to clean.


Capacity Color Catalog # Sold as: Price
2mL Blue LS-1480358 Each Click Above
10mL Green LS-1480359 Each Click Above
25mL Red LS-1480360 Each Click Above

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