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Water, OmniTrace Ultra

Water, OmniTrace Ultraî
Price: From $185.60 to $1,113.60
Manufacturer: EMD Millipore Chemicals
Manufacturer Part No: WW0003

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Water, OmniTrace Ultra®

We are proud to offer the OmniTrace Ultra™ brand of high-purity acids, bases and water for low leveltrace metal analysis. AAS, GFAAS, ICP-OES and ICP-MStesting all require the highest levels of purity possible in theacids used to blank equipment and prepare samples. All OmniTrace Ultra™ products are double distilled, packaged inclass 100 clean room conditions, and tested to PPT (parts per trillion) levels. All OmniTrace Ultra™ products are supplied in specially designed, preleached fluoropolymer bottles guaranteeing their integrity. A Certificate of Analysis is enclosed with each bottle. Larger packaging options are available for larger volume users. A special dispensing system designed to maintain the quality of these ultra pure products is available as P/N LS-155

Container: 1L & 2L Fluoropolymer Bottle
Hazardous Material
COA on Label
Product information
Chemical formula H2O
Molar mass 18.02
Storage Room Temperature
Comments Product is double-distilled and packed in class 100 clean room conditions into preleached LDPE bottles. Each LDPE bottle is packed in an EPS innerpack and then packed into a 1x regulated carton with a Certificate of Analysis.
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass   18.02
Aluminum (Al)20pg/g max
Antimony (Sb)10pg/g max
Arsenic (As)10pg/g max
Barium (Ba)10pg/g max
Beryllium (Be)10pg/g max
Bismuth (Bi)10pg/g max
Boron (B)20pg/g max
Cadmium (Cd)10pg/g max
Calcium (Ca)10pg/g max
Cerium (Ce)10pg/g max
Cesium (Cs)10pg/g max
Chloride (Cl)1ppb max
Chromium (Cr)10pg/g max
Cobalt (Co)10pg/g max
Color (APHA)10 max
Copper (Cu)10pg/g max
Dysprosium (Dy)1pg/g max
Erbium (Er)1pg/g max
Europium (Eu)1pg/g max
Gadolinium (Gd)1pg/g max
Gallium (Ga)10pg/g max
Germanium (Ge)10pg/g max
Gold (Au)10pg/g max
Hafnium (Hf)1pg/g max
Holmium (Ho)1pg/g max
Indium (In)1pg/g max
Iron (Fe)10pg/g max
Lanthanum (La)1pg/g max
Lead (Pb)10pg/g max
Lithium (Li)10pg/g max
Lutetium (Lu)1pg/g max
Magnesium (Mg)10pg/g max
Manganese (Mn)10pg/g max
Mercury (Hg)20pg/g max
Molybdenum (Mo)10pg/g max
Neodymium (Nd)1pg/g max
Nickel (Ni)10pg/g max
Niobium (Nb)10pg/g max
Palladium (Pd)10pg/g max
Phosphate (PO4)1ppb max
Platinum (Pt)10pg/g max
Potassium (K)10pg/g max
Praseodymium (Pr)10pg/g max
Rhenium (Re)10pg/g max
Rhodium (Rh)10pg/g max
Rubidium (Rb)10pg/g max
Ruthenium (Ru)10pg/g max
Samarium (Sm)10pg/g max
Scandium (Sc)10pg/g max
Selenium (Se)50pg/g max
Silver (Ag)10pg/g max
Sodium (Na)10pg/g max
Strontium (Sr)10pg/g max
Sulfate (SO4)1ppb max
Tantalum (Ta)10pg/g max
Tellurium (Te)1pg/g max
Terbium (Tb)10pg/g max
Thallium (Tl)10pg/g max
Thorium (Th)1pg/g max
Thulium (Tm)10pg/g max
Tin (Sn)10pg/g max
Titanium (Ti)10pg/g max
Tungsten (W)10pg/g max
Uranium (U)1pg/g max
Vanadium (V)10pg/g max
Ytterbium (Yb)10pg/g max
Yttrium (Y)1pg/g max
Zinc (Zn)10pg/g max
Zirconium (Zr)10pg/g max

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