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Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Lab BART CS/15

Sulfate Reducing Bacteria BART
Price: $174.00
Item Number: LS-1920008
Manufacturer: Droycon
Manufacturer Part No: SRB-BART-LAB

Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Lab BART™ Biodetector

Sulfate-Reducing bacteria are a group of anaerobic bacteria that generate hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This product can cause a number of significant problems in water. Problems range from “rotten egg” odors to the blackening of equipment, slime formations, and the initiation of corrosive processes. SRB microorganisms are difficult to detect because they are anaerobic and tend to grow deep down within biofilms (slimes) as a part of a microbial community. SRB may not be present in the free-flowing water over the site of the fouling.

If SRB activity is present in the BART, sulfate is reduced to H2S, which reacts with the diffusing ferrous iron to form black iron sulfide. This sulfide commonly forms either in the base (as black precipitates) and/or around the ball (as an irregular black ring).

The BART tester requires no microscope, no laboratory, no incubator! The test is done at room temperature in your office or treatment room, on a desk, shelf, or in a cupboard and is viewed daily. Different microorganisms like to grow at various heights in a column of water to which nutrients have been added. BART testers contain nutrients in the base of the column and a ball. The ball restricts the amount of oxygen entering the water column so that aerobic organisms grow around the ball and anerobic organisms grow deep down in the water column. By changing the nutrients in the base of the column different organisms can be encouraged to grow. BART determines presence and activity levels.

Full instructions for the use of BART biodetectors are included with your purchase. Click here for the general User Manual

Each individual test consists of: Test vial with media and BART ball. One color chart is included in each box of 15 testers.

There are two versions of BART Testers; Field and Lab. We carry Both. The Lab BARTs are designed for laboratories and have only the inner tube that contains the media and ball. Lab BARTs are individually packaged in aluminum foil pouches and have a 4 year shelf.

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